The schedule is tentative and subject to change. We will have guest lectures and may accomodate the schedule accordingly.

Date Topic Files and Reading
Mar 26 Course overview Slides, Book Ch. 1
Mar 28 Intro to Markov Decision Processes Slides, Book Ch. 2,3
Apr 2 Planning with a known model in the tabular case Slides, Book Ch. 4
Apr 4 Policy Iteration (contd) and MuJoCo setup Slides, Book Ch. 4
Apr 9 Policy gradient methods - I Slides, policy gradient
Apr 11 Policy gradient methods - II Slides, policy gradient
Apr 16 Off-policy learning - I  
Apr 18 Off-policy learning - II  
Apr 23 Imitation learning  
Apr 25 MCTS and UC Trees Slides
Apr 30 Trajectory Optimization Slides
May 2 Combining Trajectories and Policies Slides
May 7 Guest lecture - Prof. Emanuel Todorov (UW) Slides
May 9 Guest lecture - Dr. Igor Mordatch (OpenAI)  
May 14 Guest lecture - Dr. Vikash Kumar (Google Brain) Slides
May 16 No class  
May 21 Learning to learn, meta learning  
May 23 General duality between control & inference, compositionality in LDMPs  
May 28 No class  
May 30 Hierarchical RL Slides